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The Foundation receives thousands of applications from low income mothers who are pursuing post-secondary education at all levels. We are pleased to announce the 2023 AWARDEES:



ALONDIA BALTAZAR - University of South Florida - Alondia is working on a BA in Biomedical Sciences toward becoming a physician assistant for the Army, where she aims to provide quality and empathetic care to those who serve our country. As she pursues academic and professional goals, she hopes also to raise a happy and healthy baby boy and provide him with opportunities she did not have growing up.

ANGELINA CORREA-BIDDLE - Marquette University, Wisconsin - Angelina is studying for her BA in Political Science and is on a path to law school. She plans one day to create an organization specifically to help foster youth navigate life after aging out of the foster care system.

STEPHANIE DOTSON - California State University, Dominguez Hills Stephanie is a first generation college student who is majoring in Sociology and has plans to pursue advanced work in her field after completing her bachelor's degree. She hopes to apply her expertise to create safe and encouraging environments for youth in underserved communities.

PATRICE LOUDIN- Chicago State University - Patrice is completing her BA in psychology and expects to pursue a master's degree in the field. As a person with a disability, her goal is to become a counseling psychologist with a special focus on people with disabilities. She is eager to offer her community the tools and resources that are essential to maintain mental health. 


MISSIE-ANNE SATTERFIELD - Chaminade University, Hawaii - Missie-Anne is earning a master’s in school counseling with an emphasis in psychology.  She aspires to become a licensed mental health therapist and to create long-term counseling and therapy opportunities. She hopes to increase mental health awareness and remove stigma among Black Communities and Communities of Color through her advocacy for children and other individuals who cannot advocate for themselves.

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