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The Foundation receives thousands of applications from low income mothers who are pursuing post-secondary education at all levels. We are pleased to announce the 2019 AWARDEES:

Image PTM 2019.jpg

TRISTA JETTY (top center) - North Dakota State University, BS, Nursing Trista aims to become a health care professional who helps members of her Native American community recover from substance abuse and addiction. She plans eventually to establish a clinic and help center to promote physical and spiritual wellness. She expects her work to honor her tribal heritage and traditions.

CAMIKA LEWIS (bottom left) - University of Texas at Austin, MA, Psychology - Camika plans to found an organization dedicated to providing counseling and other services to children who have experienced loss of a loved one. She also plans to earn a PhD in School Psychology in preparation for work with children who have mental health and emotional needs or learning disabilities.

MONICA TEJEDA (top left) - California State University Long Beach, MS Civil Engineering, Environmental Water Resources - After completing her Master’s program, Monica plans a career as an engineering scientist in the field of water resources. In preparation for her vocation, she currently works as a research intern for the Orange County Water District.


ALICIA VILLEGAS (top right) -Bowling Green State University, BA,Social Work - A U.S. Navy veteran, Alicia is working toward becoming a VA mental healthcare social worker.  After earning her BA, she plans to pursue a Master’s in social work and then to work with and advocate for veterans.


ELISHA YELLOW THUNDER (bottom right) - Oglala Lakota College, BS, Natural Science/Earth Science - "I have always had this dream of bringing science and scientific data to places my aunties and uncles are trying to protect. It is important that my people and other Indigenous nations become scientifically literate and use these methods to establish codes, laws, and ways of protecting our ancestral lands and reservation territories for future generations."

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