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The Foundation receives thousands of applications from low income mothers who are pursuing post-secondary education at all levels. We are pleased to announce the 2022 AWARDEES:


JONISHA AUBAIN-BEIX - University of Massachusetts at Amherst - Jonisha is a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering. Her work focuses on offshore renewable energy. She hopes to help her home community, the US Virgin Islands, chart a greener and more affordable energy future. A woman of color, mother, and first-generation college graduate, and she plans to advocate for other minority women in STEM with similar backgrounds to create a more diverse and suitable environment for future generations.

MCKENNA DELP - Western Washington University - McKenna is an undergraduate majoring in Human Services. She expects eventually to pursue a master's degree in social work. She hopes to become a high school social worker to advocate for youth and provide the resources they deserve in order for them to reach their goals.

AUBREY MYS - University of Florida School of Law Aubrey is working toward a JD with an emphasis in health care law. Her own struggles to access maternity care sharpened her interest in reforming the health care system to improve medical access and barrier free communication. 

LYDIA NATIONALESTA - California State University, Fullerton - Lydia is aiming for a double BA in Human Services and Criminal Justice. She would like to go on to earn a Master’s in criminal psychology. She wants to work with adolescents who struggle with abuse or poverty to help them navigate to and through education. 

APRIL RILLO - Wright State University, OH - April is working toward a bachelor's degree in Social Work and aims ultimately to earn a MSW-LISW. She plans to work in the field for several years with a focus on helping mothers with young children. She dreams of one day running for a position in local office to represent women’s voices for policies affecting women and children.  

SAMANTHA SANCHEZ-GARCIA - Eastern Washington University - Samantha is pursuing a Master’s degree in Social Work with the goal of helping individuals who have been marginalized, discriminated against, or misunderstood. Her own life experiences showed her the importance of good social workers in helping her discover a brighter future. She hopes to be the inspiration and advocate for others one day. 

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