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The Foundation receives thousands of applications from low income mothers who are pursuing post-secondary education at all levels. We are pleased to announce the 2020 AWARDEES:

LAUREN ASHLEY COONROD - Psychology major, Arkansas Tech University Ashley hopes to earn a Doctorate in Psychology and pursue a career in academia.  She also works to bring recovery-based resources to her community.

SHANIQWA MARTIN - Environmental Science and Society major, Eastern Michigan University - Shaniqwa is developing expertise in Atmospheric and Climate sciences as part of her work on problems of sustainability. In November, she will be presenting her work at a STEM conference for the first time.

ANTAVIA PAREDES-BEAULIEU - Chemistry major, Metropolitan State University - Antavia plans to train her love of science on building a more equitable environmental future for all peoples. As she studies carbon sequestration and wetland restoration, she will advocate for indigenous representation in policy-making.

KIMBERLY SALAZAR - Sociology major, University of California at Berkeley - Kimberly conducts policy-relevant research on student parents in higher education. She plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Social Policy to continue her work on the educational trajectory of economically disadvantaged single-mothers.


MARIA ISABEL TREJO Biology major, University of Texas at San Antonio - Isabel plans to go to medical school, specializing in anesthesiology.

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